Liran is in Golani 13, the same unit as Amo but a different machlaka (group). Liran is outside the Gaza fence and is in a tank supporting Amo's machlaka which is inside. Amo's machlaka sends radio messages to them asking them for tank support.

A group of friends got special permission today to bring packages to Liran and Amo and were allowed to be at the site of the Golani 13 support unit, where Liran is. During their visit they witnessed a call for support and shelling from the support unit.

They took some video and pictures—which Israeli officials told them not to post online. They also told us that Liran says, "Don't worry, Amo is okay, I heard him across the radio this morning" (Israel time).

Apparently, Amo's unit is constantly on the move and on continuous operations.

May G‑d watch over them.