Liran – a friend of Amo's, also in the Golani, but apparently not together with him right now – called a friend in Israel. This friend emailed us saying that Liran had said hat he had heard over the radio from the commander that Amo is fine. Thank G‑d!

We thrive on any tidbit of information, yet I guess we have to assume that it's only normal that we won't hear much. We have been fortunate to be getting small doses of info lately.

Friday we had heard that three soldiers were injured in Jabaliya with light to moderate wounds. My brother in law Mendel Fishman called the hospitals to which they were evacuated and Amo was not of those listed. May all those injured have a speedy and complete recovery.

This morning I learned a chassidic discourse talking about the virtue of open miracles versus concealed miracles. It said that in addition to a miracle benefiting those in need, it also serves as a revelation of G‑dliness in the world. Since concealed miracles may be mistaken for nature, the greatest revelation of G‑dliness is through revealed miracles.

The newest headlines, "Hamas Fighters Beginning to Desert" are reminiscent of the Rebbe's words during the Yom Kippur war, quoting from the Torah (Deuteronomy): "They will flee from you in seven directions."

Amo we want you and the IDF to be successful and do your job, but we also want you home. Be safe, and certainly in the merit of all the mitzvot being done around the world we will continue to see miracles.