We just got word from someone who spoke to Amo.

He said that Amo's tone was very serious but he was in high spirits, he sounded strong and very much in soldier mode. He talked briefly about the fighting, saying that it was really intense. He was very worried about the two boys who were hit from his team, one was hit with shrapnel in the eye. He asked that we say Psalms for them. He spoke briefly about some of his real combat experiences and accomplishments.

He said, "Make sure to tell the family and Mom that I love everyone and miss everyone, I am doing what has to get done and I'm really happy to be here, happy to be doing this… we are now on the outskirts of a city and awaiting permission to go in."

He indicated that every few nights they let certain groups go back to base to catch some sleep but didn't know when his turn would come.

Today, Amo's roommates in Israel have taken it upon themselves to have all the mezuzahs checked to make sure they are kosher—including the ones on the door to Amo's room.

Many of Amo's and Levi's friends in Israel have being putting together supplies, extra gear and packages for them and their unit members and will be heading to Gaza border as soon as they find a way to get the stuff through to Amo and Levi in the field.

G‑d bless you all. And, from the family back here, we really appreciate what you're doing. Keep up the mitzvot and we will hear good news!