Amo, you have to see the amount of support you have here back home.

We haven't heard anything from you yesterday. From the reports its sounds like the soldiers' morale is high and they are moving quickly and efficiently in Gaza. I am not sure if you got a break yet and I called your friends in Israel and they too haven't been able to get any reports.

We are all thinking about you and as soon as we speak (which I hope will be very soon) I will read to you all the mitzvot and letters the students here are writing.

Yesterday, and Lubavitch Youth Organization of Israel teamed up to encourage people to write to the soldiers and take on mitzvot on their behalf. Chana Weisberg from connected me with Yossi Swerdelov, an English speaking contact at LYO in Israel, who is delivering these letters to soldiers on the front lines. Additionally I am faxing them to the Ohel, the Rebbe's resting place, every day, along with a letter asking for blessings for you, Levi, and the rest of the soldiers.

We love you. Be safe!

P.S. To those reading these words, please take out your Psalms and pray for Avraham Meir ben Leah Naomi, Levi Yitzchok ben Margalit and the rest of the soldiers.