This morning I woke up to see an inbox full of emails from people writing what they are doing in the merit of the soldiers. (I will post some soon.)

At about 11:00 this morning we heard from a friend of Amo's in Israel who spoke to a former roommate of his (a local Thornhiller) whose brother Lirom Elimelech (Thornhill) is in Amo's Unit. Lirom said they are okay.

We are all looking at the news and you can already hear the undertones of a ceasefire. It really comes along with mixed feelings. On the one hand we all want Amo, Levy and the rest of them back home and out of harm's way, yet on the other hand they are there for a reason and they put themselves on the line to protect the nation of Israel—and if that hasn't been accomplished…

My son Avremel just called me as he got off from school early due to the fast of the 10th of Tevet. He asked if he can go with me to afternoon prayers because his teacher, Rabbi Serebranski told all the children that they have to do an extra mitzvah today. Avremel also told me that when they said Psalms in class, Rabbi Serebranski showed the class a picture of Amo from when he was in first grade.

On a side note, Amo I hope you and your unit gets a break soon, like to wash your face, shower, brush your teeth—that kind of stuff.

Call us when you do.