Today some students were back for Torah 4 Teens from their vacation. I spoke to them all about you, Amo, and what you're doing. We spoke a lot about the legitimacy of the war and how Israel has a duty to defend itself.

It was funny... I was speaking for like a half hour about the kind of battle it is on the ground, some of things you told me about the other Duvdevan units, your training in Maglan, Golani and the selflessness, bravery and dedication it takes to do what you're doing. Suddenly a student pipes in and says, "Well, doesn't he get paid for it? And besides, I thought it's mandatory!"

It was then that I realized that I missed out a small detail. This brother-in-law of mine doesn't live and wasn't born in Israel—he is a born and raised Canadian, as a matter of fact him and his friend are both from Thornhill!! They don't need the shekels—if they did they would get a better paying job here.

They all gasped and asked almost at once, "So why did he go?"

This is Amo, like the many others who joined from various Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora… BECAUSE THE JEWISH NATION IS ONE!

Amo, they promised to do mitzvot in your merit and the merit of all those with you. I told them that when I speak to you next, if you don't have internet service I will read to you the comments to this post with their special notes and resolutions. I hope that will be soon.

Be good!