Today, a friend of Amo's was in touch with the "Mask"t Tash" (something like that) – the mother of the unit – and, from our understanding here, when there is any news concerning a soldier in her unit she is made aware. She had no news to share with us concerning Amo. With all the reports of hand to hand combat trickling in through the headlines – like "Lone Golani soldier fights gunmen…" – no news in definitely good news.

As of now, the understanding we have from talking to former soldiers is that any break they will have, if any, will be some short hours of sleep while they are supported by other units. But there is no likelihood of them getting any real rest or returning to base.

The overflow of people messaging on Facebook and expressing their prayers and concern is overwhelming. I got a call this morning from an old friend, Brian Belmont, formerly from Toronto and now lives in Israel, who had heard that Amo was in the battle, and told me how united the Jews are in Israel and that in Modiin they are praying as well.

Last night, Yong Israel of Oak Park held a prayer service for the soldiers and my mother made sure to mention Amo and Levi amongst all the others who they prayed for.

From the news now it sounds like the battle is intensifying, which means we must intensify our efforts. I will be speaking to all my Torah 4 Teens students in class today and in the days to follow and will ask them each for a mitzvah they will take on for you—Amo, Levi and the rest of the crew.

Be safe!