This afternoon at 4:00, a rally led by Rabbi Baruch Zaltzman was held at Chabad Gate for two alumni of the Cheder Day School, Amo and Levy Mogolevsky. The rally was reminiscent of the children's rallies I remember from my childhood years, in the presence of the Rebbe. The children livened the afternoon prayers with song, and it was followed by the recitation of the "12 Pesukim" and Psalms.

The rabbi of the community, Rabbi Dovid Schochet, spoke and recounted a story about the Baal Shem Tov which demonstrates the power of a positive attitude and joy. He explained how through joy we can break through all boundaries. He also mentioned that when the Rebbe gave blessings to representatives from various communities, he referred to them by their city—i.e. this is for Montreal, this is for Toronto, etc. Likewise, he said, these two alumni who have excelled and dedicated themselves to protect Israel, take the ideals of love for their fellow Jews that they gained growing up here in Toronto. They are a pride and representation of the Greater Toronto community. He also said how their selfless dedication and faith is a merit for the community they represent, while, at the same time, the mitzvot done here by the community on their behalf brings them safety, and increases the safety and security of all of Israel.

There were refreshments and raffle tickets for the children, and a video of the Rebbe entitled Peace Upon the Land.

Amo and Levy, the whole community is proud of you and praying for your success! The place was packed—they had to enlarge the room by opening up the sliding doors and more ladies had to go upstairs. You both have dedicated your minds and hearts to a selfless and courageous mission, and, as Rabbi Schochet mentioned, it demonstrates your true love for your fellow Jews and your incredible faith. May G‑d be with you!