I gotta go get some work done, so I go to the office. I pull up and am getting my bag out of the car and a guy drives by and shouts at me "AM YISROEL CHAI!" I gave him a big "Amen!" Not sure who he was, but he sure knows what I'm thinking.

I get into the office and my mother-in-law calls to tell me that that they heard from a liaison on the field that all is okay, but Amo cannot text, email or call right now.

I also just got an email from Rabbi Yossy Gordon talking about his conversation with Amo last Thursday:

"He was full of faith and enthusiasm. He told me that his entire unit is going in with their tzitzit and tefillin and he has a good commander whom he trusts. He knows it is going to be "noisy" but he also knows it isn't for some strategic initiative. It is life and death. The Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps! Chazak!"