I stopped at my father in law's house for no good reason—that's not a joke just a fact... I wasn't there for the weekend, so I thought I'll stop in to make sure everything is okay. As usual, Grandpa is on three phone calls and online as well. He was also looking through the websites. I took the mouse and showed him the picture. He was in tears, "… My Avraham Meir… you gotta be proud of him, look at my Maccabee..."

He told me that the unit which Amo's friend Levi is in, also on the front line, didn't have the proper gear for the cold—so they were working on Thursday and got them all thermal socks and other stuff they didn't have. "What about Amo's unit?" I asked "Is there anything they don't have?" He said that last they heard from Amo, they were all taken care of.

Then Sara, my sister-in-law, calls. She told me how all night they were calling the different hospitals in Israel trying to determine if anything had happened to Amo. It's hard to know anything now. You read the news and hear a soldier is injured; some lightly, some more serious, and now we just got news that a soldier has been killed. How many families are worried like us? It is the Nation of Israel together. We pray for all the soldiers out there in the field. Be safe chevrah.

Right now it's especially difficult as Amo cannot call or communicate at all with anyone.

We hope to hear from him soon.