I woke early to the baby crying and, although half asleep, went to check the news. When the kids got up they asked me what were those pictures on the computer. I explained to them that there is a war going on and Amo is in it, he is fighting the people who are trying to hurt the Nation of Israel and sending rockets into the Land of Israel.

They asked me what we can do, I said we can say Psalms. Avremel quickly ran and got one and started saying Amo's chapter – the one for his age, number 23 – and Tzippy, who doesn't really read Psalms yet, started saying the Psalms she knows by heart from school. Then I see them taking change and giving charity. Yep, the kids know what to do; they don't waist time online, they get straight to the point...

It's time to take Avremel to school, and for one last time I say that I want to see if there is any news, I get onto Jpost and I almost jumped for joy. I look again, and then call Chani over. "Chani, look at his nose, his lip... Man, that's AMO! Oh my G‑d. I miss you man, I hope you're okay out there."

Seeing him in full gear reminded me of what he told me Thursday, when he was saying how he doesn't know what will be: "I don't know, maybe I will have to jump on an explosive to save others, maybe I will have to carry a friend..."

I looked at him there and I just hope and pray that G‑d is with him and all his friends. "Be safe, Amo. Come back and tell me all about that gear you are so proud of." I emailed the picture to family members and posted it on Facebook.

Wow, I guess that is what I was looking for. Off to school.

The AP photo of Amo that I found on Jpost
The AP photo of Amo that I found on Jpost