I got an email from my father-in-law that Rabbi Altein in New York will be going to the Ohel, the Rebbe's resting place, along with renowned Chassidic mentor Rabbi Yoel Kahan, to pray for Levi Yitzchok ben Margalit and Avraham Meir ben Leah Naomi. He also wrote how Avraham Meir asked him to mention that both he and Levi Yizchok learned in the Lubavitch Yeshivah of Tomchei Tmimim. Amo also asked if possible that Psalms be said tonight in the Rebbe's room.

In addition to the blessings I am sure they will receive, let us all add a mitzvah and a prayer on their behalf and on behalf of all of Israel and all the soldiers in the line of duty.