Amo is calling everyone! All soldiers in the unit were told to call home and spend at least half hour on the phone. For Amo, well it was more like three hours—he was never short on words and was in no way content until he spoke to everyone: parents, siblings and even my six year old son Avremel.

Avremel asked him, "Where are you going and what are you doing?" Amo answered, "I am gonna catch the bad guys and put them in jail!"

It was a sobering phone call. He said he didn't know when the next time we would speak would be. He said that he sees so clearly how this is divine providence, for he had originally trained in a different unit, and that unit is stationed in the North. And now, due to so many little details, he now finds himself in the South, at the frontlines, and from the first 100 troops poised to enter Gaza.

The excitement and tone was a 180 degree turn from the day before. The command was in, and the mode changed amongst all the soldiers. He spoke about his holy books, Psalms, and dollar from the Rebbe which he is carrying with him wherever he goes. He spoke about his belief in what he is doing, and how we have to protect our fellow Jewish people. He had no fear in his voice, and his only concern was to be able to talk to everyone, his family and friends, and tell them how much he loved them and what he was doing.

He was ready as ever, and also spoke about his unit and how great a team they were. He had no idea what the next few days might bring. His commander had sobered them all up and spoke of the dreadful possibility of having to carry one of his fellow soldiers in his arms. He did mention that his greatest concern was hitting a mine, but felt good that the army was giving them an open hand to use all the techniques they had at their disposal.

You know I sit here and type this all, how "he said, he said, he said," but to be honest it was great listening to him and I cherished every minute. Listening to him was kind of soothing to me.

"Avraham Meir," I said, "you make us sooo proud. We love you, and you are lucky that G‑d has chosen you as His shliach (emissary) to do this work. He chose you to be there to protect His nation..." I have to say it was hard to hold back the tears, not knowing when we would speak to him again.

"I know this is my mission," he said, "as G‑d placed me all the way here—I don't believe that he wanted me to come all the way and…" and I then gave the phone to Chani.