Jan. 2, 2009. One thing that amazes me about the situation here in Gaza is that persons completely ignorant of the true state of affairs feel qualified to give authoritative opinions. I especially don't understand how anyone supporting Palestinians would be in favor of Hamas.

Several months ago I was on a recon mission on the Israeli side of the fence. Through my long-range monocular I spotted a man wearing black clothing and a ski mask. I watched him load AK-47s and explosives into the trunk of a small car. I called it in but was told to stand down. Why? Because after intense international pressure Israel had signed a six-month cease-fire agreement with Hamas.

Later I watched him drive into a nearby village. He killed dozens of people, particularly those associated with Fatah (PLO). And so, in compliance with international support of suffering Palestinians, I held back and watched them die.

Hamas has killed far more non-combatant Palestinians during the cease-fire than we have during a time of war.