During my last trip to the Holy Land, I was traveling in a taxi. After a while, I started a conversation:

Me: So... how long to Hertzelia?

Driver: Right after Tel Aviv.

Me: and...

Driver: We are approaching Tel Aviv right now.

Me: So another five minutes? Great! We are going to be on time.

Driver: Not so fast! What if there is traffic around Tel Aviv?

Me: Looking at my watch, and realizing it's a perfect time for traffic. What if there is traffic?

Driver: Who knows, maybe 15 minutes, maybe a half hour.

Me: Realizing that there is a good chance this trip will be longer than anticipated, I take a deep breath. I guess we will be at the right place at the right time. Do I really believe that?

Driver: How do you know? You're a prophet?

Me: Aha! I got you there! Feels important, and delivers the next line with a deep voice: Because we are aaaaalways at the right place at the right time. Pause for effect. More pause for more effect.You know it says in Kaballah... Looks in horror as we come to a complete stop and starts regretting sounding so confident. Is that what you meant with hitting traffic?

Driver: Kinda. I thought we would hit it a little later; it looks a little worse than I thought. But as you said, we're aaaaalways at the right place at the right time... What are you nervous about?

Me: mumbles to himself: That will teach you... loud for the driver: Yeah, right place, right time. I'm in no rush; take your time.

Driver: Taking his time for the next 45 minutes. Will do, prophet.