Well here we are again, another financial crisis. All around the country jittery investors are lined up outside their local banks hoping their money will still be there. It's called a "run on the banks." When there is that run, banks often go bankrupt, too many demands and not enough capital to satisfy them, despite all the signed promises when you opened your account and got your toaster.

Interestingly, at this time of the year there is another kind of "run." A run on the Boss; an inordinate rush of requests, prayers and promises to be good. Ironically, the worse the banks perform the more extreme the run on G‑d. Yet G‑d never goes bust; somehow He has enough for everyone.

Isn't it strange, the tendency to trust the mammoth financial institutions and relegate faith in G‑d to pious scholars? Yet, repeatedly, brokerage houses with hundreds of years of experience are exposed for the flawed entities they are, while G‑d keeps on providing.

G‑d extends us a line of credit – our lives, nourishment, meaning and purpose – even to those with poor credit scores and "iffy" track records. Sketchy business practice, yet a 5768 year track record and still going strong.

We all know the adage that past performance is the best indicator of future results. So next time let's make sure there is no next time, put your trust in G‑d and you'll get a lot more than a toaster.