Today, we spent our day visiting inmates in the Davis Correctional Facility, in Holdenville, OK. We were buzzed through an endless maze of massive barbed wire gates by several guards with rifles and dogs.

After signing in, going through a strict security check (Good thing the warden knew what Tefillin were and instructed security not to make us unseal them!), and leaving our personal belongings at the front gate, we were met by the chaplain who gave us a rundown on the spiritual situation of the inmates.

We were assigned a room where we gathered all of the Jews. We spoke for hours about the high holidays, repentance, and starting the year afresh. We put on Tefillin with everyone in the room, blew the shofar in preparation for Rosh Hashana, and everyone had an opportunity to share an inspirational thought and/or story. Before leaving, there was some serious soul searching as everyone chose an area where they would improve during the coming year.

Following this visit, we had a meeting with the chaplain, the food service manager, and the warden, to discuss the various requests and requirements of the Jewish inmates. We were shown around the kosher kitchen and inspected the food products and their kosher certifications.

We also discussed the calendar and the various practices and services to be conducted over the coming High Holiday period. We exchanged information and planned to be in touch to do whatever we could for the Jewish guests of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.