Hi y'all!

It’s quite an honor to join the team!

We just arrived in Burbank, CA, and we're having a blast!

The second we landed, someone came over to us and asked, “Excuse me, where is the local Chabad?” We knew that there would be a lot of work ahead of us...

On Friday, we went to our first destination, where a father and son had us help them don tefillin. The son was a first timer!

On Monday, we met many interested people. One individual told us that although he had been laying tefillin for years with the visiting rabbis, he finally summoned the courage to ask us what they actually mean! We tried our best to give him some insight into this special mitzvah. We also put on tefillin with his friendly Israeli boss who gratefully gave us each a painting from his art collection.

Later on the same day, we met a young man who has just moved to town three weeks ago and couldn't believe that Chabad had contacted him before the gas company did!

Anyways, no time for small talk; we have work to do!

Leibel Kudan and Yale Spalter in Burbank, CA