Is it a Village or a City?

August 6, 2008 9:00 AM

By Shalom Klein & Levi Stein
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Anonymous Nyc, usa July 28, 2011

to the person in wichita At least 5 rabbis come several days a week to do shechita, ritual slaughtering, perhaps try to organize a minyan by gathering another few Jews. Reply

Mendel August 11, 2008

Amazing!!! Shalom - you manage to get all over the world doing amazing work for Lubavitch!!!

Keep up the dedication... Reply

Shmaya August 11, 2008

ok Keep up the good work levi! Reply

S. Isaac Dowd Wichita, Kansas August 8, 2008

Come to Wichita! Please!!! So close and yet so far. Nearest Chabad house is in Kansas City and I makedo with a Reform shul here and my own davening at home. Reply

Shalom & Levi Oklahoma City, OK August 7, 2008

Visiting Rabbi's So far, we are enjoying ourselves in this beautiful city! We will be here for about 2 1/2 more weeks visiting all the nearby cities including Norman, Ardmore, and Lawton.

We are also working on coordinating the "Grand Opening Celebration" of the brand new Chabad Center on September 7'th.

You can visit our new site at: www.jewishokc.com

Tehilla - please send us an email via the contact page on chabad.org and we will be more than happy to visit with your family and any other Jews in town. Reply

Tehillah Owasso, Ok August 7, 2008

Where ?? Where in Oklahoma were you? Did you find any Jews? You I wished you had stopped by Owasso , Ok. My son would have been thrilled to have met you. Either way, I am very HAPPY to know that you did make it to Oklahoma. Thank you for thinking of us. Reply

Nancy January/Oklahoma B'nai Noah Society Rose, OK August 7, 2008

Welcome to Oklahoma! Welcome to Oklahoma! Jews and Judaism have been an essential part of our state from the beginning. We have an amazing Jewish history here.

As you probably know by now, we only have two active Orthodox rabbis and can use several more. You are needed and appreciated here.

So stay long, come back often. Reply