Unlike our fellow rovers, who stay at faceless motels, we get five star accommodations with a lovely couple who are locally known as the unofficial Chabad emissaries to Saginaw, MI.

After getting my free adjustment at the local Jewish chiropractor, we proceeded to get utterly lost (apparently a common occurrence in Saginaw, and even more common in Midland – one of our later stops). Eventually we found our way to the home of a Jewish lady…who turned out to be a Christian and retained us for what felt like eternity (that's how long she said we would burn) trying her best to evangelize us.

A few meetings later, we came to a house where the dad and daughter greeted us enthusiastically, bidding us sit at the dining room and serving up some much appreciated water. Well anyway, we ended up talking for an hour and a half...about Judaism. We had a stimulating and lively conversation about belief, and I got to wondering, why is it that while the Christians accuse us of not believing in the messiah, the Jews ask us how come we do?!