Hi all,

We just arrived in Prague a few days ago. Over a million tourists pass through the old quarter a year, checking out the crooked streets which gave birth to Franz Kafka and the Golem.

During the day we man a booth in the old Jewish quarter; laying Tefillin and schmoozing with the tourists. People often mistake us for tour guides and pepper us with questions. Eventually I'll have all the answers figured out…

The city is flooded with tourists from all over the world. Standing on the street you can hear a dozen or so languages. I'm picking up on languages and improvising my Yiddish in order to communicate with the Germans. My buddy uses his poor Russian to converse with the Czech speakers.

The other day, some guy comes over to me sweating buckets '' Where is the Chabad restaurant? I've been walking around the block five times!'' he says in a southern drawl.

I give him directions and ask him if he'd like to put on Tefillin.

''What's that?''

"Are you Jewish?"


I started laughing and ask him why he needs the Chabad restaurant.

''What do you mean, where else can I get good kosher food?!"

During lunch break, I went to the restaurant and lo and behold my friend, who is in the process of imbibing a classic corn beef deli sandwich, gives me two thumbs up.