From Tzvi Freeman:

The precious souls of eight young Torah scholars were whisked away from us on Thursday night by a cold-blooded terrorist. Eight pure candles of Torah light snuffed by a Kalashnikov.

Now there is a void. And we are left to fill it.

Let us try to take the place of those young scholars. Let us join to fight the darkness by turning up our own lights.

Let us all commit to learning an extra half hour of Torah this Shabbat. Let us be the voices, the minds and the hearts of those young men for just one night. Who knows? Perhaps, in some small way, we can bring them back to life.

Let us fill the void. And may the darkness soon be transformed to eternal light, very soon.

If you need material to study, print out some articles and insights from our Parshah Section.

Also please say a prayer and some Psalms for the following students who were wounded in the attack: Yonatan ben [son of] Avital, Shimon ben Tirza, Nadav ben Hadas, Reuven ben Naomi, Elchanan ben Zehava, and Naftali ben Gila from Sderot. If anyone knows the names of any of the other victims, please post below in the reader comments – NS.