is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between and the Steinsaltz Center!

This partnership makes available to all reams of rich elucidative content from the late Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) – the visionary chasid and scholar whose life mission was to share Torah with everyone – some of it for the very first time.

Born in Jerusalem to avowed Marxists, Rabbi Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) was guided by the Rebbe, of righteous memory, to become a towering beacon of Torah scholarship and Jewish thought. With tenacity and brilliance, he toiled mightily to bring Jewish teachings to every sector of the Jewish world and beyond.

Most famously, he blazed a path for aspiring students of Torah to access even obscure passages of Talmud and other parts of Torah, by exposing them to the cumulative works of generations of scholars and teachers, all contextualized in a way that could be grasped by the modern mind.

Even when he felt his burden was too great and the cumulative challenges were too daunting, Rabbi Even-Israel was encouraged by the Rebbe to add even more to his dizzying workload, resulting in an outsized lifetime contribution to Jewish life and learning.

A cohort of Rabbi Even-Israel’s works have long been available on Now, after years of planning and creating together – punctuated by the immense investment into digitization efforts and architecting and expanding our content delivery systems – we are thrilled to finally bring to fruition our shared goal of nearly two decades, which includes making available the full bilingual texts of the Neviim (Prophets), Ketuvim (Scriptures), Mishnah, Talmud and the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah – all with the rabbi’s signature interpolated translation and commentary.

In the months ahead, we look forward to growing this online treasure trove to include Rabbi Even-Israel’s vaunted commentary to Tanya, the foundational work of Jewish philosophy and indispensable guide to G‑d-centered spiritual living; many more original books and essays by the rabbi; and a plethora of his famed audio and video classes.

This explosion of online content comes in tandem with the Steinsaltz Center’s release of its new Steinsaltz Portal, a cornucopia of learning with even more ways to access the rabbi’s prodigious output. Much of this content can be accessed through a convenient app, making it easier to explore the wealth of knowledge.

This long-anticipated release is part of’s dynamic implementation of its Torah Texts platform, which makes available a wealth of major Jewish works, including Judaism’s classic texts and their accompanying commentaries, halachic treatises, Chassidic discourses — and much more to come.

A key feature of this learning platform is the integration of’s vast array of video and audio classes, offering a “self-guided” learning experience, where students can watch or listen to world-class lectures alongside the text, and progress at a pace comfortable to them.

“This is an exciting moment for all of us at,” says Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin, executive director of “The work of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel has been instrumental in bringing so many Jews closer to the study of Torah, and we are excited to make it accessible to the millions of visitors on”

“This partnership is the natural extension of my father’s 70+ years of selfless devotion to the mandate of ‘Let my people know,’ “ says Rabbi Meni Even-Israel, CEO of the Steinsaltz Center and the late rabbi’s son. “’s impressive and trailblazing implementation of the Rebbe's vision to make Torah available to millions worldwide made it a natural partner for my father of blessed memory and the Steinsaltz Center. Our partnership with brought him much joy during his lifetime, and reassured him that his work would continue to bear fruit for all time to come. Today, as more of it comes to fruition, I'm certain that he's very proud.”

Explore Rabbi Even-Israel (Steinsaltz)’s interpretations of the classics at and propel your learning to even greater heights.

The new Steinsaltz Center Portal aims to make a cornucopia of learning even more accessible to's students.
The new Steinsaltz Center Portal aims to make a cornucopia of learning even more accessible to's students.