As world Jewry celebrates today the completion of the 43rd Mishneh Torah study cycle, we're overjoyed to share the addition of a landmark achievement in Jewish education and scholarship to Torah Texts,’s Jewish texts study platform.

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Mishneh Torah by Rambam (Maimonides), enriched with the comprehensive commentary in Hebrew by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz. The pivotal release of the Steinsaltz Mishnah Torah aligns perfectly with the completion today of the annual Rambam three-chapter-a-day study cycle, offering a timely resource for continued learning and exploration.

This offering adds to the robust Rambam study resources already available on, which include video and audio lectures by the legendary Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon OBM, as well as many others, including Rabbi Raleigh Resnick. It also joins the famous Mozanim English translation which has been a staple for students for decades.

The addition of the Steinsaltz Mishneh Torah with commentary is part of a collaborative partnership between and The Steinsaltz Center, aimed at making Jewish texts more accessible and engaging to readers and students worldwide. Rabbi Steinsaltz's insightful commentary illuminates the Rambam's texts, making the profound depths of Jewish law, ethics and philosophy accessible to all.

The collaboration between and The Steinsaltz Center represents a shared commitment to Jewish education and the dissemination of Torah knowledge. Further details about this partnership and its future initiatives will be forthcoming in an announcement next week, please G‑d, promising exciting developments for our global learning community.

As Jews across the world mark the completion of the Rambam's three-chapter-a-day study cycle, we invite you to delve into this enriched work. Whether continuing the study cycle or beginning anew, Rabbi Steinsaltz's commentary offers a valuable companion in your study of the Rambam's timeless wisdom.

Celebrate this milestone in Jewish learning. Embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration with the Rambam and Rabbi Steinsaltz at your side.

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