One of the things that President Bush railed about in last night's State of the Union Address was pork barrel spending, euphemistically known as "earmarks." (I love the name, by the way; who is going to stand up and say: "I'm all for pork barrel spending!") It's one of those issues that politicians love to grumble about—but no one wants to actually do anything about it.

[Before you start condemning them for this, let's consider: do we have a tendency to do the same thing? Are there certain issues we just love to harp on, "horrible evils" that require attention—but please don't ask me to take action?

Excessive television viewing, hiring an Xbox to babysit our kids, sedentary lifestyles, spouses—all things we love complaining about, but too good to do without. Let the other person conquer these evils...]

Now for the hard part. Let's identify pork barrel spending (and I'm not talking about money here) in our personal lives. I have some ideas—but let me first hear what you guys think!