Dear Readers,

As the war in Israel continues and develops into various stages, our hearts and minds are with all our dear brothers and sisters.

One of the beautiful things that has emerged from this intense darkness is the many inspiring acts of light, kindness, love, and generosity. Over the last 6 weeks, I have heard so many stories that have warmed my heart. These are stories of people who have extended themselves to help one another. Though their own lives have been turned upside down, they still seek to make someone else’s lot easier. These are the true heroes of our people.

One such example is Naomi Galeano, a medical volunteer for Israel's United Hatzalah, who I interviewed this week. On the day of the Simchat Torah attacks in Israel, she rode directly into the danger zone to provide her medical expertise to the victims of the massacre. She understood that she was entering a precarious, life-threatening situation, but that didn’t prevent her from going beyond the call of duty to help however she could. Six weeks later, she's still stopping whatever she is doing to answer the calls of those who need her. Her story is compelling and worth the listen, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Have you heard or experienced any stories of heroism over the past few weeks? We all need inspiration; please share them in the comments.

Most importantly, let’s remember that no matter in which corner of the world we live, each of us, too, can do our part in emulating these heroes, by extending ourselves just that little bit more for each other.

In heartfelt prayers for the safety of all our brothers and sisters, the return of ALL the captives, and the speedy healing of those who have been wounded,

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW