Dear Readers,

The seasons have changed, our daylight hours have become increasingly shorter, and the nights, coldness, and darkness have become longer and more intense. It is hard to believe that a month and a half has passed since the horrific Simchat Torah massacre on October 7th. Israel is at war, and our hostages have still not returned.

We are now in the Jewish month of Kislev, the month when we celebrate the victory and power of light. Though it is such a dark month outside, it is also a month of miracles and a time when the glow of the candle shines its brightest. As the blackness lingers outdoors, we need to create greater brightness within.

Throughout the history of the Jewish people, many nations have tried to destroy us and snuff out our light. But we remain here today, still shining the light of Divine morality, spreading the beautiful teachings of the Torah, and performing mitzvot.

This week, we read more about our third patriarch, Jacob (Yaakov). The name Yaakov is made up of a yud, which is the smallest letter and refers to the essence of G‑d, and eikev, which means “heel,” the lowest part of the body. The mission of the Jewish people is to bring the light of G‑d into even the lowest and darkest reaches of our world.

It’s an awesome undertaking, but light prevails, even over the most intense darkness.

As in the days of our past, may this month usher in great miracles for our nation. With prayers for the security of the land of Israel, the safety of our brave soldiers, and the immediate return of all our hostages,

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW

PS If there is something that you could shout out to the world right now what would it be? What message of light would you want the world at large to know and understand? Please share in the comments.