Dear Friend,

It’s been nearly two weeks since our nation, the Jewish people, has been forever changed.

Two weeks of grief and mourning, of intense prayer and increased mitzvot, of our heroic soldiers and citizens putting themselves in harm's way to protect their brothers and sisters.

If there is one thing that the past two weeks have taught us, it is that we are one people, chosen by G‑d, and destined for a higher purpose. Gone are all the superficial differences. We’ve seen Jews from all walks of life rise above the fray and unite in ways that are at once extraordinarily heartbreaking and deeply uplifting.

It is this togetherness, this oneness, this unity, that the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, repeatedly assured will be the primary vehicle for G‑d's blessings of safety and success of our people.

Read about all this—and plenty more—in the articles below.

With prayerful wishes for the safety of our people everywhere—especially in the Holy Land, healing to the injured, safe return of our hostages, and that Israel’s leaders have the strength and fortitude to follow the Torah’s directives to act decisively for the protection our people.

Shabbat shalom!

The Team

P.S. Please remember throughout the coming days and weeks that every single one of our prayers and mitzvot (including our charity) plays a crucial role for the safety and security of our brothers and sisters in Israel! For our existence as a people throughout the millenia is a supra-natural one, dependent entirely on the blessings and protection of our Creator.