Dear Readers,

My apologies that this email has been delayed. For the last number of years, almost like clockwork,’s email has been sent out early to fill your week with inspiration. But after hearing about the horrific events happening to our brothers and sisters in our Holy Land, I, like Jews worldwide, was feeling too overwhelmed to put any coherent thoughts to paper.

My heart is bleeding, and my mind is reeling. The darkness feels overwhelming. The horrors are unspeakable.

How?! Why?!! How is it possible?! These are the questions that are screaming through my brain fog.

And yet, I also know that we are now in the midst of a war. And a war cannot be won with lethargy.

The war in Israel is not only a physical one being fought in our Holy Land by our brave soldiers on the ground, it is also a spiritual war. We are one people, one family of brothers and sisters. The days ahead are frightening. Each of us needs to contribute to the war effort with whatever ammunition we can muster. Every mitzvah we do, every chapter of Psalms we recite, every donation we give, every pair of tefillin we wrap, and every time we light Shabbat candles—these are our spiritual ammunition, to do our part to help fight this savage war.

As I read about the atrocities, as I become overwhelmed with fear, and as I futilely try to push away the images of the hostages from my mind, I know that I don’t have the luxury of being paralyzed by my emotions. For the safe return of each and every soldier, each and every hostage, and for the safety of each and every family in Israel—for their sake, I need to spring into action. I need to push myself to do just a drop more. They are counting on me.

And so, I sit here right now providing my small contribution. I share with you words of Torah on this week’s portion as well as stories of inspiration. All of the content below that is not related to the war in Israel has been prepared weeks in advance. I’m including as well, a resource for reciting chapters of Psalms, a call to action, and an interview that I was fortunate to conduct yesterday with a remarkable Shlucha in Israel, who lives right on the Lebanon border. Not only will she give you a real-life picture of what she is facing right now, I am sure she will also inspire you with her indomitable faith.

During the Yom Kippur War, the Rebbe said, “This attack was against the entire Jewish people, men, women and children. And it is because of our togetherness that we will prevail and be protected by G‑d.” Now is the time for all of us to unify into action.

With heartfelt prayers and wishes for the safety and security of all our brethren in Israel and the world over,

Chana Weisberg
Editor, TJW