Dear Leaders,

This week, we focus on the importance of actions—even small ones—in changing our behavior or state of mind. Often, it can help to “fake it till we make it” – to act a certain way until we actually become that way. So, for example, in order to become more inspired, act enthusiastically and watch as your mood changes; in order to become happy, try to smile a little bit more. It’s a simple recipe that Torah teaches us: actions affect our inner being, which in turn affects our behavior and transforms us into the person we want to become.

In this study packet, we share a prison inmate’s story about how positive, spiritual actions while in jail completely transformed his life. In his words, “My most lasting impression of my incarceration is that somehow while living through the most degrading and shameful time of my life, I emerged with a sense of renewal, rebirth, and self-redefinition.” We also share a question and answer, with lots of practical, actionable steps on how to become more motivated and inspired.

We hope you enjoy this study packet. We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you have ever tried to “fake it until you make it.” Please also continue to share with us about your gatherings. We love reading your feedback.

Wishing you a wonderful week and an inspiring gathering,

Chana Weisberg,
Editor, TJW