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From our inbox: Dear Chana and your team, Thank you very much for providing these study packets. This afternoon I had invited 10 women to my home to do the study packet. I was a bit nervous as with this group—they were "eclectic"—some completely secular, some fairly observant. The study guide was perfect and lent itself to wonderful discussions, interactions, and questions. Wow!!!! I truly felt fantastic at the end. Our other times were over Shabbat dinners with other couples. This is an excellent program and I hope you will continue doing them.

This week, we explore the topic of fear. Fear is an unpleasant emotion experienced in our mind, that triggers a strong physical reaction in our body. Fear paralyzes us, blocking us from moving forward. It's impossible to think clearly when you're flooded with fear or anxiety.

So how can we liberate ourselves from our fears? How can we prevent fear from blocking us in our journey toward our goals? The name of this week’s Torah portion, Bo, gives us a hint. Please share with us how you confront your fears!

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Chana Weisberg,

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