Dear Leader,

Sometimes, we are hesitant to undertake something we know is positive. We may even have valid excuses for not following through with it.

We received this feedback from one woman’s Hakhel gathering, who despite her misgivings, just dived right in: “I was hesitant to host in my current residence because of the small size. So I put temporary tables together in my living room space and invited a family of three—including a teenage boy. We were 5 people altogether. I loved it. Thanks again for the invitation and encouragement.”

If you haven’t started your gathering, now is your chance! If you have, think about how you can make them even better!

In this week’s study packet, we discuss what make us passionate. What are our priorities and how does our schedule reflect that? In the myriad responsibilities of the daily grind, do we ever stop to think about what are our life goals?

There are times that we experience a life-changing event that gives us pause and makes us stop from our busyness to really reflect on what is truly important to us. How can we ensure that the shift in our priorities is lasting?

This week, we explore a lesson from this week’s Torah portion in which Jacob teaches us a profound lesson on setting our priorities straight and directing our passion purposefully. We also learn a lesson from how the Rebbe greeted a young girl who had broken her arm. And finally, we learn about priorities from a pot of Shabbat cholent.

Wishing you a great week—full of great priorities—and a wonderful gathering,

Chana Weisberg,

Editor, TJW

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