Dear Leaders,

We’ve been getting remarkable feedback from many of you about your study groups and we are elated that you are gathering your friends and benefitting from these packets.

Rahel from Milan shared some feedback from our previous essay “If Only”: This year is the year of gathering, so we decided to meet on Shabbat to study. I will try in a few lines to give feedback.

“If only…” We often use this expression when referring to circumstances in our lives. Everything that happens in our life drives us to an action or a reaction, but what we often forget is that this is the opportunity offered to us to improve and elevate ourselves, according to G‑d’s plan for us. Even the toughest situation has its good and we must face it in its deepest meaning. I have learned to thank G‑d for what I now have…

In this week’s study packet, we focus on the concept of free choice. There are times in our lives when we confront such difficult decisions. The path of least resistance is often the easier choice to make, but the one that we know is not true to our inner selves and calling. How do we muster the strength to do what we know is necessary?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well as examples from your own life when you were able to do so. We’ve included a parshah essay, a story, as well as some common questions about free choice that you can read and discuss.

Wishing you a wonderful week and an amazing get-together.

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Chana Weisberg,

Editor, TJW