Dear Friend,

Every two weeks we editors discuss plans for One of our favorite activities is to look at your reader comments, to see what you like and feel about the content we produced. And the best way to get those comments is by… asking you!


If you have a minute, we’d be most grateful if you could click the link below and share with us the following in your own words:

  • What does mean to me? How has it changed my life? What do I look forward to reading? What do I find most useful and inspiring?
  • What do I want to see more of? If I had the ear of the decision-makers at (and I do!), what do I want to ask for more of? Inspiration? Information? Quizzes? Lists? Videos? Stories? What features do I wish the site had?

Obviously, a lot of you will have different needs, different perspectives, and different ideas, and you can be sure that we will be reading all submissions with our utmost attention.

Thanks in advance for partnering with us in making even more amazing!

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