Sadly, the feeling is all-too familiar.

We stare at the news reports in disbelief, unable to comprehend how a human mind is tortured into wanting to harm innocent school children. We crave a panacea that will soothe the searing pain and unfairness of it all, but all words ring hollow.

And so we cry, we pray, we grieve, and we channel our angst into concrete action to make the world a more loving, safer, and better place for us all.

We find solace in sharing the pain with others, knowing that we are not alone. And we empower one another to create a world where every young person is educated to have a sense of accountability to a Higher Power, to develop their innate morality and kindness.

Join us in praying for the day when G‑d will “wipe away the tears from upon all faces”1 and peace and harmony will reign.

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