Dear Friend,

It’s two weeks now since the devastating war in Ukraine began, and each day brings with it heartbreaking news. The images coming out of Ukraine are beyond description. On an hourly basis, I hear from Chabad rabbis and their wives in (and near) Ukraine about their life-saving work. With little sleep, they are helping people evacuate, feeding the hungry, arranging medical care, and doing whatever they can to bring light into a country that has been plunged into a darkness unknown in generations.

My colleagues at have been working night and day to bring you in-depth and accurate reporting and real-time updates on the Jews of Ukraine, and our editorial team has been doing their best to help us make sense of the incomprehensible.

The joyous holiday of Purim is just around the world, and this year more than ever, we hope and pray that a miracle once again brings peace and tranquility to this world, just like it did for our ancestors in Persia so many years ago.

Happy Purim,

Menachem Posner

On behalf of the Team

P.S.: in the comments section below, share thoughts and messages of hope for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.