Dear Friend,

Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are facing all-out war, with missiles, bombs and artillery fire landing all around them. Innocent people are dying.

Are we powerless to help?

As we enter the season of Purim, when a draconian decree was rescinded following heartfelt prayer and repentance, we know we can make a difference.

Do a mitzvah! Put a few coins into a charity box (or swipe your credit card) for a worthy cause, at the moment none worthier than to aid the Jews of Ukraine. Don tefillin, light Shabbat candles before sunset this Friday, and know you just introduced a point of goodness and kindness into a world that needs it more than ever.

Say a few heartfelt chapters of Psalms (especially Chapter 20), and know you have introduced a dose of spiritual energy into a world that seems to be pulsating with negativity.

May G‑d protect our Jewish brothers and sisters and anyone in harm’s way.

Your friend at