Dear Reader,

The Chassidic masters compare the Tishrei holiday season to a cosmic bazaar. Like the marketplace of old, where shoppers and vendors would gather from diverse and exotic cities to sell and buy their wares, stocking up on all the necessities for the coming season, the holidays are a time when we pack our spiritual bags with the awe, love and joy we will use for our Divine service throughout the coming year.

When all is done, we declare “Jacob went on his way.” Like our forefather Jacob, who traveled from the Holy Land in service of his Creator, we enter into the mundane world to uplift it and change it for the better. Powered by the inspiration we “packed away” during Tishrei, we look at our daily lives and say, “How can I make my life, my relationships, my work—everything I do—more integrated with my Jewish self?”

Many of us spend a lot of time on social media. It’s where we talk, share, socialize and learn. And these spaces can and should be used as tools for uplifting the world.

We at have built an active and exciting presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok. If you are on the social networks and haven’t checked us out and followed us there yet, take a look! We hope the articles, videos, images and more that we share on these platforms will teach and inspire you, and give you the fuel to share Jewish inspiration on your own accounts as well.

With blessings,

Mordechai Lightstone and
The Social Media Team