What's one tip you'd share that makes fasting on Yom Kippur easier?

That was the question we posed to members of our community - on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

And a whole bunch of you shared your answers with us! Of course, none of the comments take the place of medical advice - so please speak to a doctor and knowledgeable rabbi about any health concerns - But you all had a lot of great ideas!

People focused on what you should eat

“Eat pasta before fasting.”

“Eat a few dates before the fast begins”


““The best way to make fasting easier is by eating a good thing of oatmeal right before fasting. It'll be a lifesaver for you later.”

““Hydrate for a few days ahead of time. Eat complex carbs for the pre-fast meal. Eat a normal-sized meal to avoid stretching out your stomach. Eat only a normal-sized meal at the break-fast.

Be grateful that your fast is voluntary and that you are healthy enough to fast.”

“Eat a bowl of hummus, or hummus and falafel as your last meal before the fast. Chickpeas are really filling.”

“Protein and carbs in your pre-fast meal (eg. pasta with chicken. Very plain. Little salt).”

Especially the importance of hydrating before the fast

“I load up on orange juice. Seems to help.”

“Drink a lot for the previous two days. Not just one—two.”

“Lots of coconut water starting 2 days before.”

As well as what you shouldn’t eat or drink

Eating light and healthy and staying well hydrated and rested a few days in advance. Also, when breaking the fast, start with fluids and build back to eating normal foods very gradually—starting with fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable soup, etc., for the first few hours at least, after the fast. If you go from pizza to fasting to pizza or other heavy meals, you are gonna regret it!

There was a focus on coffee (which clearly, you guys drink a lot of)

Have a cup of coffee right before the fast starts—avoid the caffeine headache.

Taper off the coffee a few days ahead—helps prevent the no coffee headache.

Of course, you also shared loftier tips . . .

“Focus on praying. Ignore the clock. Amazing how fast the fast goes!”

“Immersing oneself in Tefillah

“Go into the chag with joy. We were judged already on Rosh Hashanah. This is the great day.of Hashem's staggering rachamim - compassion. Go into the chag with the goal of reconnecting to the person you've always wanted to be and to reconnecting in the most amazing way to Hashem your Creator. Cry your heart out with love and in Neila - for one hour a year, we get to reach the highest part of our soul. When you are in this state, you are in such a spiritual high, you could care less about food and actually want Yom Kippur to last even longer.”

“Print out all of the interesting Yom Kippur articles from chabad.org to read during breaks at services. It helps me focus on something else besides being hungry - and is so uplifting!”

And some funny ones

“In college I fasted in shul standing next to a "buddy" of mine who would turn to me at 4:00 and start saying things like, "Roast beef." Don't stand next to that guy.”

No matter how you prep, the main thing is:

“Don't stress.”


“Remember the purpose of the fast.”

What’s something you would suggest that makes fasting on Yom Kippur easier?

Let us know in the comments!

Wishing you a gemar chatimah tovah, a meaningful Yom Kippur and a wonderful year ahead!