Dear Parents,

As our children transition to the school year, it’s a good time to recall a transformative idea that the Rebbe introduced for all Jewish children 35 years ago, and one that is as relevant today as it was then.

In a letter addressed directly to “all Jewish children, everywhere,” the Rebbe called on all Jewish boys and girls to transform their rooms into a “home” for Torah, charity and good deeds, and thereby making it a holy space.

The Rebbe offered a very simple recipe: Have your child place in his or her room a prayer book from which to pray, a Torah book from which to study and a charity box with which to place some coins, and to use these daily (except for charity on Shabbat and Jewish festivals, when handing money is forbidden).

This simple formula empowers our children to dedicate their personal space for holy and good things, as well as a place where G‑d feels at home. Understandably, this will certainly have deep and long-lasting effects on our children, and by extension, the entire home.

To see the Rebbe’s letter, click here.

As the Jewish New Year approaches, please accept our wishes for a healthy, good and sweet 5782 for you and yours! Kids