Is the Delta variant making it likely you will spend yet another Rosh Hashanah away from the synagogue? Not sure how you’ll hear the shofar?

Go ahead and learn how to do this mitzvah on your own:

Step one: Get a shofar. This article has great tips for choosing the perfect shofar, and here is a link to a secure online shop where you can make your purchase.

Step two: Learn how to blow it. With your shofar in hand, take our “sound and spirit” course where you will learn to sound it like a pro, print out the blessings, and practice singing them like a seasoned cantor.

Step three: Take to the streets. Now that you’re all set, make sure your fellow Jews are as well. Let people know when you’ll be blowing at your window, at a street corner, outside their home, or wherever you can safely congregate.

Wishing you, yours, and the entire world a shanah tovah, a year of health, security, prosperity and pure goodness!