Chanukah, the festival of lights, traditionally celebrated in the cozy company of dear family and close friends. Chanukah, when we gather ‘round the menorah and share stories of strength and survival. Chanukah, when we celebrate the miraculous victory of the few over the many, the G‑dly over the profane, and the weak over the mighty.

For many, this Chanukah will be like no other, celebrated in isolation, either alone or only with close family members. Yet Chanukah is a time of miracles, when we remind ourselves and the world that G‑d is present in our lives, that miracles happen, and that anything is possible.

To help Jews everywhere celebrate a most uplifting and joyous Chanukah, has prepared Eight Lights for Eight Nights, a night-by-night program to be printed and enjoyed. In addition to an overview of Chanukah and instructions for how to celebrate it (including how to light the menorah), each night readers get an uplifting teaching a heartwarming story and a fun craft or activity.

Written especially for this publication, the teachings cover a broad spectrum of Chanukah-related topics, citing from historical sources, Chassidic philosophy and Talmudic wisdom. Drawing from people’s personal experiences during the Holocaust and under the oppressive rule of Communism, the stories provide comfort, hope and inspiration. The activity section includes classic recipes for Chanukah favorites like latkes and doughnuts, as well as crafts that can be enjoyed by young and old.

Access and print the program booklet here