How is your Elul coming along? Elul, the month leading up to the High Holidays, is a time for introspection and reflection, as we prepare for the heady and spiritual days ahead.

This is the start of the season of teshuvah, return, when we reset our souls to their natural pristine state.

How to do teshuvah? Where to begin? By Divine Providence, starting today (Thursday), students following the one-chapter-a-day track of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah will be combing through the 10 chapters in which Maimonides lays all this out.

Want to master the matter? Visit every day for the next 10 days (accessing the portion of Shabbat after havdalah) to study this classic text with an acclaimed teacher and inspirational orator.

L’chaim to a shanah tovah, a year that is good and sweet in every sense of the word!

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