We would like to share some exciting news with you!

  • Jews from all walks of life are setting off now on a three-year sprint through the entirety of Torah law!
  • No matter your background or level of knowledge, YOU can join them!

This mind-opening daily study regimen of Maimonides’ magnum opus known as “Mishneh Torah” ― the only code of oral tradition that encompasses the entire span of Torah’s laws ― was conceived and initiated by the Rebbe, of righteous memory, as the very best way to achieve the dual goals of Jewish unity and literacy.

Along with the flagship program (three chapters daily, completed in under a year), which has just begun its fortieth cycle, students of the three-year (one chapter a day) track begin the very first chapter of its “post-bar mitzvah” cycle today.

To aid you on this amazing journey, we are very pleased to announce two groundbreaking new daily classes, adding to our array of classes on Maimonides’ work:

One Chapter Daily: Rabbi YY Jacobson

Rabbi Jacobson, world-renowned for his masterful erudition and oratory skills, will teach one chapter of Maimonides daily on the three-year track. This class promises to be as informative and educational as it will be enjoyable. About 45 minutes daily.

To access Rabbi Jacobson’s daily class, simply go to www.chabad.org/RabbiYYJ.

Three Chapters Daily―The Flagship Track: Rabbi Raleigh Resnick

This new class covers much ground quickly but amazingly leaves nothing out. A significant Torah scholar and director of Chabad of Tri-Valley, Calif., Rabbi Resnick’s courses on Chabad.org have earned him great accolades. About 45 minutes daily.

To access Rabbi Resnick’s class, go to www.chabad.org/RabbiResnick.

Our Existing Cast of Scholars

These new classes join our stellar line-up of brilliant and engaging scholars teaching daily classes on Maimonides. Including:

All classes are available on our updated daily study portal page.

Also new this year: A daily insight into Maimonides’ opus from the Rebbe’s teachings, by Rabbi Avraham Mayer Zajac.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity and join the countless thousands who are learning ‘the entire Torah’ from Judaism’s brilliant and revered teacher: Moses Maimonides!

We wish you a very happy journey of learning, discovery and unity, and a blessed new (Jewish) month of Menachem Av.


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