Dear Reader,

We’re in the month of Nissan, the month of the birth of our nation, just days away from Passover, our holiday of freedom. As we prepare our homes and ourselves to experience liberation, here are 10 freedoms I wish to bless us all with. (Please feel free to add more in the comments below!)

The freedom to be free of worries, and the realization that G‑d has our back.

The freedom to experience true joy and happiness, and the realization that happiness is found within.

The freedom to be free of crushing envy, and the realization that the greatest wealth is having gratitude for what we have.

The freedom to be free of self-talk that tells you can’t and won’t, and the realizations that your G‑dly soul has unlimited powers.

The freedom to achieve our fullest potential, and the realization that we are all unique—your potential is not someone else’s.

The freedom to go beyond our constraints and limitations, and the realization that with G‑d’s help, yagata umatzata taamin—“when we extend ourselves, we will succeed.”

The freedom to think positively. When we open up the channels of faith within us, we open ourselves up to overwhelming blessings.

The freedom not to become bitter when things unexpectedly go wrong, coupled with the realization that G‑d has another plan for us.

The freedom to feel G‑d’s love and goodness for us, even when it is so hidden.

The freedom to see all the blessings in our lives because that is the greatest blessing of all.

With wishes for a happy Passover!

Chana Weisberg

Editor, TJW