1. No matter how powerful or advanced we think we are, ultimately, we’re not in control. G‑d runs the world and will run it exactly according to His own plan and His own timetable.
  2. G‑d will take care of us! We need to believe this. The man who delivered my friend’s groceries admonished, “You people believe in G‑d, so why such anxiety? G‑d created His kids; don’t you think He can take care of us?”
  3. Some of the greatest solutions are the simplest. Wash your hands, keep yourself clean, and don’t spread negative infection. Shouldn’t we follow this prescription in all areas of life?
  4. How we react to others in times of distress says so much about who we are. I’m seeing such generous offers of practical help for those in difficult situations.
  5. One virus has spread like wildfire, utterly changing our world. If this is true for in the negative sense, imagine the power of something positive, how infectious and powerful one good deed can be.
  6. Too often, we’re busy rushing through the mad dash of life. As we hunker down with our loved ones, we can re-evaluate our priorities and what’s really important.
  7. Our children and the people around us are looking to us for direction. If we demonstrate terrible frenzy, it snowballs into mass hysteria. If we remain calm and cautious, others take note and behave likewise.
  8. “There is no person who doesn’t have his time and no thing that doesn’t have its place” (Avot 4:3). Who would have thought the humble toilet-paper roll would become such a precious commodity? Don’t ever think of yourself as useless; we all have a time to shine.
  9. Humor goes a long way. “The language of the wise is healing” (Proverbs 12:18). Happiness, positivity and wit can only help the situation.
  10. Worry is often worse than the disease itself. I’ll be honest, this is my personal take-home message. How often do I hear myself telling my children, “Of course, I’m worried! That’s my job as a Jewish mother!” Truthfully, our greatest enemy—perhaps more debilitating than any sickness or challenge—is feeling overwrought and stressed. It doesn’t help, but just feeds into the frenzy, creating even more widespread problems. We need to take preventive steps, but with a positive “can do” and “it will be good” attitude.

Wishing us all health and blessings!

Chana Weisberg
Editor, TJW