Happy Chanukah!

G‑d willing, this Friday evening will be filled with lights—the flames of the Chanukah menorah joining the Shabbat candles in brightening up the night.

It’s important to remember that it is forbidden to light a fire on Shabbat, which extends from before sunset on Friday until nightfall of Saturday night. Therefore, on Friday afternoon, light the menorah before the Shabbat candles, which are traditionally lit 18 minutes before sundown (look up the exact time here).

Since you are lighting early, be sure to use additional oil or larger candles for the Chanukah lights, as they must remain lit until half an hour after nightfall - approximately 1½ hours after the Friday afternoon lighting time. For this reason, the standard 30-minute Chanukah candles cannot be used on Friday.

For the duration of Shabbat, do not move the menorah, relight any flames that have gone out, or prepare the Saturday night Chanukah lights. Make sure to light the menorah after Shabbat ends at nightfall on Saturday night. Traditionally, the menorah is prepared and kindled immediately after the havdalah service.

Shabbat Shalom!