Dear Readers,

Once, there was a group of nature workers who needed to move a herd of antelopes to a new location. The problem was how could they get these huge animals to co-operate?

The workers surrounded the approaching stampede with a thin curtain to block their way. As the antelopes quickly approached, they saw the curtain in front of them and stopped in their tracks.


In the antelopes’ perception, the thin curtain was as strong as a wall; they didn’t even attempt to pass through. Had they simply exerted themselves a little, the curtains would have easily parted under their weight.

After experiencing the miraculous 10 plagues, the Jewish people finally left the misery of their Egyptian exile. G‑d led them in a roundabout way that took them through the desert to the Red Sea. Perhaps this was G‑d’s way of teaching them a vital lesson that they needed to learn before accepting the Torah at Sinai.

Pharaoh heard about their travels, thought that they were lost and regretted allowing them to leave. He pursued them with his choicest cavalry and caught up to them just as they were approaching the Red Sea.

The Jewish people were now in a terrible predicament—the Egyptians were behind them, and the Red Sea was before them. After all that they had gone through during their years of slavery, many despaired, feeling terrified and overpowered.

Moses encouraged them telling them, “Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the L‑rd, which He will show to you today … the L‑rd will fight for you!”

Moses led them forward until they came to the very borders of the Red Sea. G‑d spoke to Moses: “Lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea, and divide it; and the children of Israel shall go into the midst of the sea on dry ground.”

But each of the tribes hesitated. Everyone was afraid to jump into a raging sea. One man, however, Nachshon, son of Aminodov, prince of the tribe of Judah, unhesitatingly demonstrated his faith and jumped into the sea.

How often do we encounter challenges that we feel are impossible to overcome? They seem like an impenetrable wall. Anxiety, dread and defeat begin to claw at, and cling to, the tendrils of our aching hearts. Our limited perception of ourselves keeps us captured in place, instead of freeing us to move forward with our trust in G‑d that we can succeed and grow by overcoming this obstacle.

Our sages teach us that nothing stands in the way of the will. We cannot allow hurdles to prevent us from progressing towards our life’s mission.

Travel ahead with the belief that with G‑d at your side, you will not allow challenges, self-limiting perceptions, someone else’s opinion, complications or impediments from stopping you.

Push your curtain a little harder, and be surprised by the power of your weight.

Chana Weisberg

Editor, TJW