There’s a Chassidic teaching that we are to “live” with the Torah portion of the week. Every week, the parshah comes alive for thousands of viewers through Dr. Michael Chighel’s enlightening, insightful and zany conversations with himself. Titled, “Parshah Perks,” these delightful and fast-paced vlog-posts are whimsically described as “perquisites for daily life percolated in the Rebbe's teachings on the parshah.”

This week, Professor Chighel and an alter ego who looks remarkably like Captain Ahab learn a lesson about obstinacy, ambition, and humility. The other week, he spoke to a Freudian psychoanalyst from yesteryear about the divide between rational and supra-rational. With whom will he be speaking next week? Make sure to open this email (or check online) every week to find out.