The Worst. Superbowl. Ever.

Rabbi Confession # 1: I didn't watch the Superbowl.

Rabbi Confession # 2: I don't even know the rules of the game, so even if I had watched it, it would have been boring.

Speaking about boring, it seems like everyone thinks that this year’s game was boring. Some even called it “the Worst Superbowl Ever.”


It seems that this game lacked action. No drama, no high energy movement. Just two teams trying to protect themselves, playing it safe.

And we like excitement. We want to see action. We crave bravery, courage, and risk taking.

Not because we like to see players fail. It’s because when there’s drama, the players shine. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In those moments of risk and uncertainty, some players find within themselves the most amazing talents. Ignoring the fact that their careers and the very safety of their cities can be jeopardized by their next moves, they “lock in,” focusing only on the job at hand and shine under pressure.

And this game, I’m told, had none of that.

Now, guess what: G‑d also likes exciting Superbowls.

No, not the one played yesterday.

The one being played every day in the arena of our lives. In the stadium of our souls.

You see, G‑d could have guaranteed us a low-score, no-drama, slow-moving life.

But that would be boring. And besides, we wouldn't have an opportunity to shine.

So he created a life full of the possibilities for magnificent catches and dropped passes; great runs and awful fumbles; game-winning touchdowns and blown field goals, so that in spite of everything happening around us, we can tap into our inner core and show our true colors. He gives us the ability to “lock-in.”

He likes it. Not because it's fun to watch, but because he knows it's good for us.

Next time life throws a curveball at you (is this a football term? Not sure ;)), remember that you are in this big, exciting game. Give it your all and play to win.